“Smint is the new Mentos!” by Adrian

In this upbeat and very encouraging presentation Adrian introduced us to the idea of being the “new guy” behind the Smint marketing posters. Smint will take the winners’ idea, print thousands of copies, hopefully make lots of money by selling more mints, and… pay the winner… £500. As well as possibly the privilege to work on their following digital campaign. Well, sounds a bit underpaid to me, but I guess it’s still a great chance for the starting designers like us lot.

So I’ll be joining.

cool like the 80's smint
Update (12/10/15)—the finished poster.

“Get mad about something” by Sara

Walking into the room in her amazing neon-bright pink tights (which I have unfortunately not managed to document, as I left my camera flash card at home), she immediately got everyone’s attention.

Her great presentation was about visual research, different tips on blogging, and the importance of putting/drawing ideas down on paper, rather than keeping them in our heads.

I particularly liked one of her blogging tips: “get mad about something, then document it”. Perhaps my art supplies?

At the end we got a reading list.