“Drawing people in the street”

This was quite a scary class, but luckily we stayed in groups, and as far as I know, nobody got into trouble for kind of invading people’s privacy by drawing them.

I found it much harder than drawing architecture, as people obviously move, and I need my object to be still when drawing. Still, I did what I could—practice makes perfect.


“A local person’s imaginary life”

Yes, another “imaginary narrative” class. We were meant to do a research on a local person, and draw five pages of them, in context.

I found it really hard to actually find someone local (such as a personality, artist, or anyone who can be “googled”)—except for Jack the Ripper and some other criminals, and the poor Elephant Man. I try to stay focused on positive stuff, so none of this suited my purpose, and at the end I had to go with Corin Sworn. She is an artist winning the Max Mara Art Prize for Women in the Whitechapel Gallery in 2013-15 (never heard of her before). Not too interesting, but the only one I could find.


“Imaginary lady” by Emily

In this exercise, we’ve “interviewed” each other about a friend or a family member, and based on the answers, we were supposed to create an imaginery narrative and draw at least five pages of this person. My “person” was a jazz singer in her forties—intense, passionate about music, well-travelled, attractive, and obsessed with dogs.


“We built this city” visit

Yesterday I’ve decided to dedicate a few hours of my precious time and go and see an alternative souvenir shop in Carnaby Street, as I was getting a little stuck with our CCS brief. It was well-worth it, as the place was amazingly full of inspiration and creative ideas. I took lots of photos, and here are some of them so you can see for yourself.


“Arty ping pong bats exhibition planning”

Today we got split into 5 groups, each creating a plan for the charity exhibition of our bats which will take place on Friday 12th of November. We had to consider the name, the way that the bats will be displayed, lightning, music and general atmosphere, marketing and promotion, possibilities for sponsorship, the way the bats will be auctioned, and all the other aspects typically related to such an event.