“Creating creepy puppets” by Kieron

Yes, they were creepy. Very DIY, kind of weird, but still nice to play with by putting them into different poses. I don’t think that I’d ever, ever want to make one of my own though.

Still, here is a (very vague) instruction and a few tips regarding making one:

  • use aluminium wires for the neck, limbs and tummy
  • wood for the chest, feet and the hips areas
  • Styrofoam and beads for the head and eyes
  • hot glue for glueing it all together
  • drill for twisting two wires into one

Also, obviously use different scissors for different materials.

Puppet's feet
Puppet’s feet
…and hand
…and hand

In case we want to take it further into animation, and add lip syncing, we would only need 9 different cut-out shapes to indicate mouth movement for English language.

Very interesting.

Puppet 3 head detail
Puppet 4 head detail
Puppet 2 head detail
Puppet 1 head detail
Puppet 2
Puppet 2
Drawing of the puppet

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