‘Architecture collage”—messy play! Loved it!

This was a great day—we got to get our hands inky and our desks well-messy. Everyone was cutting out cardboard or foam to use on their collages (as such or as a stamp), which were meant to reflect the textures of the houses we’ve seen a few days ago on our “local area drawing trip”. We made photocopies and built upon them, or started from scratch—drawing inspiration from our original sketches.

I absolutely loved it—and used a wide range of media (acrylics, gouache, markers, watercolour, Prismacolors, ink, Gelatos, fabric, sewing thread, leaves and flower petals). I’ve created two pieces in class, and the other two back home. See the photos for details…

I’m looking forward to more messy classes!

Liverpool Street landscape
For my first piece I enlarged the original graphic pen drawing in the photocopier and pressed a brick pattern into a foam board. Then stamped it with ink. I also used a conte stick, Prismacolour pencils, and gouache.
My stamping
My stamping “tool”
A pot from a balcony
For the second piece I’ve drawn the plant pot from one of the balconies, added a piece of fabric painted with Gelatos and Prismacolors, leaves, acrylic background, 3D texture with modelling paste, and a black lava texture gel for the dots.
“Brick work” of next piece
Window sill
This A3 has been created with a (another) made-up stamp tool, acrylics, Prismacolors, markers, Gelatos, water-colour, and flower petals.
Work in progress
Work in progress
Original image
Original image—the last collage is pretty much a copy of this photo. I’ve used cardboard, markers, acrylics and a sewing thread.
Final piece
Adding text
Adding text

What fun!

With the first two pieces nearly finished during the class, and the other two done completely at home, I feel satisfied with my work. Next time I’m aiming at more of a “messy” finish though.


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