“Paper to paddles”—ping pong project

Following the task that I’ve mentioned in the last Ping Pong post (https://katarinajakcsiova.wordpress.com/?p=455&preview=true), here comes continuation of the ping pong story.

Once again, we’ve been split into groups, each one taking care of a different area of the event. We had a designer group, photography group, social media group, marketing group, and a space organisation group. The whole thing has been looked over by the Cecilie and Kieron.

All paddles present on the day

At the beginning of this class, we all presented our bats, and Cecilie chose fifteen best (supposedly) ones for the live auction. The rest would be sold in “silent auction”.

Selection process: chosen ones go to the left, rest stays on the right
Selection process: chosen ones go to the left, rest stays on the right

Mine didn’t get chosen, and I was a little disappointed as I really do like it. I also feel that although some of the bats that have been chosen were amazing, other didn’t match up to the standard at all. Some of what I thought were the greatest bats almost didn’t get chosen! Cecilie seemed to give great importance to using an actual bat, and if I knew that this would be the case, I’d have just used the bats I originally bought. Well, at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter much—just a thought.

Anyway, I was in the photography group with another five students. All the bats were brought in by the students and photographed by only one person from my group. She kind of just took over as she has done some photos a few days before that, and since we wanted to keep the unified look for all the shots, we agreed. She did a good job (and very fast!), although some photos were not focused on the person’s eyes and bat, but instead on their clothes. Just one of the annoying things that DSLRs do unless you really take your time and care (or work out how to set up the focus “dots/points” to change from eleven/or-so to a single one, then point it at the right place…). However, at this point, there was not much time to be wasted. In general, the photos came out pretty good, and now it was our time to edit them.

RAW files? What???
RAW files? What???

But once we sat at the computer, we were in for a bit of a surprise—it was all shot in RAW files, instead of the usual JPEGs. None of us worked with these before, so we needed a little help by the same person who did the photography. We got the idea quickly, and edited most photos (the rest done by her). One new little skill there, then!

Working hard
Working hard with my main editing partner Shalini

Two of our group’s students never turned up to the photo/editing session—I guess we all need to work on the group communication. Many students also felt that the whole organisation has been rather messy. Hopefully, the actual exhibition will be successful, and will run fairly smoothly.

Anyway, here are all the students who brought their bat in. You can see that some photos are blurred, and some don’t have the “uniform” look, but in general they came out pretty well.

Me & my bat
Me & my bat
























…and here you can see how I made my bat:


Gosh, that was a long post, this is becoming a bit of a diary… I was only going to upload a few people, but ended up with all of them.

Well, this is what we did.




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