“Studio presentations day”

That Friday was a fun day. We’ve all had the chance to see what the rest of the studios were doing, and at least I was really excited about that. Each studio also gave a presentation about their work.

My favourite studio was the branding “Empathy & Enterprise”. I loved how clean and finished their pieces were, as well as the imagination used to create new products, complete with all the branding.

Close after came the publishing “Press Pass”, which did a lot of beautiful letterpress.

Here are some photos from the day, plus some from the “party” we had afterwards. Even my children’s birthday parties feel more cool than that one did, but maybe I just left too early and drunk too little.

I am starting with the “Editions” project from our studio—Local Universe.

Our sketchbooks.
Our sketchbooks.
Beautiful lino prints from our studio—done by Vestina.
Beautiful lino prints done by Vestina. Top left wall work by Valeria.
Wonderful narrative from our studio.
Wonderful narrative, pen and watercolour.
Reanne's lino print corner.
Reanne’s lino print corner.
My desk.
My desk, with different projects from last term.
A "groomed poshed-up chewing gum" from our studio.
A “groomed poshed-up chewing gum”.
Bike publications.
Bike publications.
Amazing map by Simon.
Amazing map by Simon.
Origami-style earrings from our studio.
Origami-style earrings.

These are photos from the branding “Empathy & Enterprise” studio…






We then had a few words from our heads.

Wonderful Suzanna...
Wonderful Susanna…
… and lovely Sara.
… and lovely Sara.

Some presentations, this one being my favourite, as Kevin hillariously didn’t let Nicole speak. Here she is, waiting for a gap in his speech…

Bit bored.
Bit bored, but looking fabulous as usual.
This must be Sophie's work I guess.
This must be Sophie’s work I guess. Branding studio.

Here are some pieces from the Press Pass studio.




I don’t remember the location of this illustration anymore, but I think it’s really lovely.

I then went to have a look at the 1st year’s studio pieces, and found some great work.




… and then it was “party” time.

Cecilie boogying away. Positive energy shot once again.
Cecilie boogying away. Positive energy shot once again.
The other way! Nothing will stop her.
The other way now… Nothing will stop her.

This was a great day full of inspiration and some amazing work.

Holiday is staaaaaaarting!





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