“Inspiration—Juliette Crane”

Today I’ve decided to start dropping posts about artists who inspire me. Juliette Crane is kind of a recent one, although not the latest one, who came to mind. She is an American mixed media artist who loved painting these weird, cute, and very messy animals/girls/creatures. I just adore the way she gets her hands involved in her paintings (she doesn’t mind the dirty nails that come after I guess), how freely she blends the colours, and how intentionally imperfect her paintings are.



“GIF funtime!”

Yeah! I did it. Today I created my 1st animated GIF for the Duke of Uke CIP project. It’s a bunch of ukuleles taking turns on the screen.

The creation process was fairly simple, and even though it didn’t work on my laptop during the Cecilie’s GIF workshop (due to the settings I guess), luckily it did work on my iMac. I had a bit of a challenge half-way through, because each time I aligned the Photoshop layers, they happily “jumped” back to their previous position when made into frames. Quite annoying and time-consuming. Eventually I worked it out, and so here is my GIF:



“Illustration Fair at the Oxo Tower”

One of our Creative Industry Practice tasks was to go and check this illustration fair. It was happening over three days in the Oxo Tower, and it was a real “pick-me-up” right after my depressing Geffrye Museum visit (https://katarinajakcsiova.wordpress.com/2016/01/07/geffrye-museum-visit/).

Here are some of the most inspiring shots from this lovely fair.


“Right turn—the finished project!”

Yes, I know I’ve been dragging it across like three posts, but it did take ages to get to this. Here it comes at last! Well, if nobody else, at least my mum has been waiting for ages to see the final product. For you, mum! 🙂

And yeah, it is well long once again… but I put the close-up of the outcome as my feature image for the unpatient ones.


“Geffrye Museum Visit”

Well, this must have been one of the most boring visits I’ve ever done. Already fed-up with the way my project was going (windows’ architecture), to my tutor’s advice I’ve decided to take a look at this museum. I was hoping to get some visual information on the different time periods in order to identify the windows chosen for my design.

And, well enough, this was the last drop of British architecture, which eventually made me change my topic altogether… to market vegetables… what a relief.


“Wrong turns”

Sometime in November, we’ve been given a new project, which was to be finalised on 15th of December. We had to create “an edition” of a number (any number counts, actually…) of sellable products, based on our visual research of the Local Universe so far.

I knew straight away that I was gonna screen-print some tote bags, since I really wanted to get more into screen printing, and I loooove tote bags. I’ve ordered fifteen bags in five colours.