“Wrong turns”

Sometime in November, we’ve been given a new project, which was to be finalised on 15th of December. We had to create “an edition” of a number (any number counts, actually…) of sellable products, based on our visual research of the Local Universe so far.

I knew straight away that I was gonna screen-print some tote bags, since I really wanted to get more into screen printing, and I loooove tote bags. I’ve ordered fifteen bags in five colours.

I’ve thought long and hard about what design to put on them, but the answer wasn’t coming easily. I was interested in the beautiful African fabrics in Middlesex street near Spitalfields Market, but I didn’t get further than taking a few pictures.





My idea wasn’t going forward, so I decided to move on and look into an aspect of Local Universe which I enjoyed drawing—architecture. It was windows in particular that interested me the most. I took a huge number of photos, and when I got home, one of them instantly took my attention. It was this one:


I liked the way the white frame gave so many possibilities to play with. So I started vibing:

… I liked this, and played about with different sizes and drawing tools.
As above, this one is still going around the same idea, just larger. However, someone said that it has too much resemblance with Stick’s work, which I thought was actually true. It’s so cute though!
Moving on, I tried to simplify, and get further away from Stick, while still keeping the “human look”. I wanted to add the house number too.

I also tried a few other ideas, exploring a possibility of creating a pattern out of some interesting window shapes.




Nothing was really working…

At this point I started getting stuck. I wasn’t convinced about the original  “window/human” design, and got some ideas about perhaps just using a set of windows from different eras, informing people about visual history of architecture. Except—I had no idea what I was talking about.

So, off I went—library time. I managed to actually learn something about windows, and was able to more or less recognise Victorian, Georgian, Edwardian and other “window” periods (forget the order, it’s all gone now!).

I even went on a very boring and unsuccessful trip to the Geffrye Museum to help me with this (read about it here: https://katarinajakcsiova.wordpress.com/2016/01/07/geffrye-museum-visit/). That trip was the last drop, and made me clear on what I don’t want.

My last architecture design!
My last architecture design! Ignore the text.

Eeew, I was done with this. This subject was so dead! Above is the last architectural idea I produced, before I finally found a subject that suited me much better. Only a week before the deadline!

Read about it in my next post.



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