“GIF funtime!”

Yeah! I did it. Today I created my 1st animated GIF for the Duke of Uke CIP project. It’s a bunch of ukuleles taking turns on the screen.

The creation process was fairly simple, and even though it didn’t work on my laptop during the Cecilie’s GIF workshop (due to the settings I guess), luckily it did work on my iMac. I had a bit of a challenge half-way through, because each time I aligned the Photoshop layers, they happily “jumped” back to their previous position when made into frames. Quite annoying and time-consuming. Eventually I worked it out, and so here is my GIF:



I do kind of love it, and so I’m off to make some more.

However, before I do, here are a few original boring (and completely untreated!) photos taken in the shop shortly after getting the new brief, which were used in the GIF:







… just for the sake of “showing the process”.




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