“Screen printing workshop”

Going through my images and getting into the mood for catching up with my blog, I bumped into a folder full of photos from this great workshop. This was my second screen printing intro (one a year…), which I did back in December while completing my “Editions” project.

Damian took us through a (rather long, but amusing) “health & safety” talk, and demonstrated in great length and with plenty of enthusiasm the process of screen printing. Some of it was familiar, as I already went though it once a year ago with another technician. However, the process is pretty complicated, and so brushing up was necessary.

Here he is doing his thing:

Looking at a few other print processes.
About identifying the right screen.
About identifying the right screen.

I wrote it all down, but will not bore you with photos of the whole process. Instead, let’s have a look at some (in my opinion, great) art from previous students:


On the wall.
On the wall.
Love. It.
Love. It.


Pretty fox.
Pretty fox.
Torn pieces of paper!
Torn pieces of paper!
Great colours.
Great colours.

Lastly, I’ll sneak in some lovely photos of the place:

This cabinet says it all...
This cabinet says it all…
"Our" screens.
“Our” screens.

I’ve promised myself to come back soon. I haven’t been yet, as it’s soooo time consuming! I’m sure I’ll find an excuse to do some printing in near future though…



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