“HotHouse Talk—Sara Carneholm & Rachel Gannon”

This was another talk that I really enjoyed. Starting with Sara, who gave us a bit of her background in her usual funny-witty way, then moving on to her transition from being a student to being a professional designer, and finally, going through her most significant projects undertaken while being a part of a graphic design duo company “Happily Ever After”. My favourite comment of hers was “enthusiasm will get you far”, and I also liked the fact that she prefers “hands-on” to working in Photoshop (so do I), and her advice that when working with a client, we should try and find a way to guide them and show them what they need, rather than just follow their orders…

Sara showing her work.
Sara showing her work.

Rachel is the new Illustration leader of our cluster, and a tutor in our studio—we already had two classes with her. Following Sara’s talk, she introduced her work to us, focusing mainly on editorial design. Some of the project she did were very interesting, and I liked her reportage work too. The main memorable point for me is that we should always “do our work in context to real world, rather than just drawing pretty pictures in our bedroom”. I personally need to look into that—it gives the work so much more depth and interest. I also LOVE the idea that she only works with Photoshop—a professional illustrator without the knowledge of Adobe Illustrator! I mainly love it because I’m also yet to learn Illustrator, and it shows me that great things can be achieved in many different ways—it’s not all about the skills.


Her work is great, very weird, kind of mixed media, and it definitely works ( you can also see it in my feature image). So as soon as I can, I will pick her brains about it, as I got a lot of inspiration from it.

Great talk!


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