“House of Illustration visit”

My visit to the House of Illustration was an enjoyable one. There were two exhibitions on at the time—one about women making comics, and the other one being a geometrical representation of the local area. There was also an additional viewing of what seems like many different takes on a cover of a book about a horse.

Although I don’t normally read comics, my favourite piece of the exhibition was a graphic novel called “Child Soldier”. It told a true story of a five-year old boy who was kidnapped together with his school mates in order to be used as soldiers. It’s powerfully shocking and very sad at times—one of those stories that stay in mind for a long time.

Below are some images from the comic exhibition:






The “geometrical collage” as I call it, was great too. I liked the simplicity, colours and the “natural feel” of this work:



Lastly, there was the room with a a number of book covers designed by many different students from all around the world:


On my way back to the station, I also stopped in the Pangolin Gallery and saw the free exhibition they had on. It was a really inspiring collection of paintings and items/statues by different artists, with many pieces selling for thousands of pounds:







I also went next door to what seemed like a Guardian and Observer building, where they had a very small exhibition of prints. I particularly loved this one:


After all this, I sat in a Pret down the road and did some cool drawings, although I won’t be showing them in this post (but coming up soon!). Then I bumped into a little art shop and bought some lovely neon spray cans for my personal work.

So yes, it was a creative day out, it’s great to visit a different area and places for some inspiration…


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