“Animation style research”

Over the last week I did a large amount of research on animation. There were a few pieces that I really liked, all of it stop motion animation in fact. This first piece is most memorable for me, mainly because instead of photographing objects, the main focus are “real people”. It’s extremely long too—that must have been a lot of work!


Next video that was really interesting beautifully animated creation of a pizza. I particularly like the end part, where pizza is being delivered throughout he streets:


The following video is another great example of an object stop motion. It’s well-shot, funny, and generally well produced:


This one is also shot with a real person, and I think it’s really well done…


I liked the imagination and skill in this one:



Lastly, here is a “behind the scenes” of a stop motion music video which was very interesting:


I am still working out the style of animation that i will do. The main issue is time, as I now only have about nine days to finish it. I am also working out the subject that I will cover, it will be covered in another post.



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