“Beyond Limits project”

This CIP project focuses on human body. How can we improve it? Is there anything that can be revealed? Restricted? Enhanced? Replaced? Masked…? There were many ways that this could be taken, and so one of the first things I did was creating brain storm diaghrams for a few ideas that have interested me for a long time: law of attraction, chakras, and alternative medicine. Out of these, I decided to go for the chakras, as I feel that visually they can be expressed beautifully.

We had different choices for outcomes, such as 3D objects, posters, photographs, or moving image. I went for the posters.

Choosing the paper.
Choosing the paper.

I had a vision of the three posters being very natural, and thought that the brown paper (I used the nepalese lokti paper) would work nicely. I bought a number of sheets, and after getting home I started experimenting with combining the different paper samples I had. I decided to use the sheets I just bought, and symmetrically layer the illustrations (still to be made on a textured acrylic paper) on top.

Cutting out the perfect circles.
Cutting out the perfect circles.
My plant drawings.
My plant drawings—aromatherapy chakra balancing.
My "sound" drawings.
My “sound” drawings.

Working with watercolour pencils, I’ve made twenty-one drawings for the three posters and glued them on to the lokti papers. I’ve experimented with the fonts, planning to cut them out and collage them on, then add text with a brush pen or a black paint marker.

I took this idea to the crit, to be critiqued and advised by one of the tutors…

This idea wasn't received too well by Gilles.
The initial idea, with minerals/gemstones on the middle. It wasn’t received too well by Gilles.

… the crit didn’t go as I expected, with Gilles telling me that the combination of papers is not working, and that I practically need to change the whole layout/presentation of the idea, and also add more of the original concept for people who are not familiar with chakras.

Development in Photoshop.

As I only had a week to to this, I opted for a quick Photoshop collage instead of a hands-on sticking and measuring that I’ve done so far. I’ve scanned my drawings in, downloaded vintage images from the internet, spending any free minute at the computer, and by the deadline day on Friday, my posters were done. Only, there were two instead of three, and in A2 instead of A3 size (my mistake!). There are a few changes that will have to be done (changing the size and some of the text), but overall I’m actually glad that I listened to Gilles and changed the whole delivery. I’m always striving to get away from the perfection towards a free/chaotic/organic expression, and I feel that in this case I’ve succeeded in doing that (I mean, just look at the initial “brown sheets”!). I got good feedback from my classmates too and learnt heaps of new Photoshop features.

Here are the final images!



I will create one more, and make them work as a set, rather than individual pieces in order to avoid text and title repetition… hope you like them!


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