“HotHouse Talk—Joe Cruz”

The majority of work done by Joe Cruz is immediately recognisable—black & white photographs with neon-coloured oil pastels lines and marks. Sometime it’s a rabbit, sometimes a random vintage picture, and sometimes a celebrity. He designed a number of album covers for current artists, and worked with some big brand names.

Joe Cruz talking.
Joe Cruz talking.











Yes, I know this was a lot of images, but I really do like his work…

During his talk he gave some great advice, such as:

  • after the studies, join a studio to keep the creative juices flowing and meet like-minded people
  • keep working on your own projects even if no commercial work is coming in
  • Twitter and Instagram are great for finding visual type of jobs (by putting your work up there and contacting relevant companies)
  • send personal emails to specific companies, rather than generic “spammy” ones to everyone
  • don’t do free internships!
  • send work to design websites and blogs in order to be selected by them
  • aim high and believe in yourself
  • be disciplined

I find his work really inspirational, and his talk helpful. I got a few good ideas out of it, which I will follow when I catch up with all the compulsory uni work…



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