“Editorial illustration research—George Butler”

During my research about editorial illustrations I came across someone whose work I really adore. He’s a fairly young London artist called George Butler, who specializes in travel and current affairs.


He’s been to many places around the world, such as a large part of Africa, Middle East, Mediterranean, and Asia—many of them commonly labeled as “dangerous”. He’s been to both Afghanistan and Syria during the unrests, simply observing the life of local people and drawing. Because of this he reminds me of one of my favourite musicians called Michael Franti, who is spreading awareness about the life of civilians in war zone, as well other unjust or distressing events and situations.



What drawn me to finding out more about him is his actual drawing style—making my way through a number of different sketching books (Urban Sketchers, Artisketcher, Sketching People, Watercolour, etc.), I find a great similarity in his approach. He uses the old-school pen and ink for the lines, than small areas of watercolour in different places. I really love that style and learning it is one of my aims.


George Butler’s illustrations have been used by The Guardian, The Times, Evening Standard, BBC, and many foreign publications.

If you are interested in seeing his workflow, watch this beautifully shot short film:

Or this one:

Or pop to his well-presented website:



I’m looking forward to his future work, I hope you also found some inspiration in this post.



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