“Editorial research—Patrick Vale”

Pat is one of the illustrators I had to include in this research, as his pieces are simply spectacular. The patience, precisions, and determination needed to create one of these huge skylines is incredible.

With a fellow illustrator Paul Davis. Patrick is on the left.
With a fellow illustrator Paul Davis. Patrick is on the left.

I know Pat from way back in 2002, when we used to work together in an organic gastro pub in Angel, Islington. I remember he was just finishing his studies in Saint Martins, and was very excited about getting air time on Channel 4 for his short animation. Back then I was only about to start studying music production and sound design (which lasted three full-on years), and had no idea that I will end up doing visual art. We went separate ways and I haven’t seen him since.

Marylebone, London.
London. We all know this view!


Probably my favourite piece…
Probably my favourite piece…

However, I came across his work some time ago while browsing, and thought that he’s evolved and also changed direction quite a lot. It’s only recently that I started being interested in urban architectural art though, and so I actually take inspiration from his work.

Some of Pat’s recent clients include BMW, BBC, Pentagram, Fortune Magazine, RIBA, Samsung, Virgin, BBC, Empire Magazine, Saatchi and Saatchi, British Airways among many others.


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