“Street furniture research—a little more exciting this time”

Tonight I’ve been doing more research on my “street furniture” project, looking into the other type of subject that I seemed to have taken many photos of—pothole covers.

As you’ve probably already noticed, they are really amazing. The shapes and patterns remind me of the crop circles, but that’s possibly just me.

Here is a selection of straight-from-camera photos:

I’ve come across some rubbings of them before, but nothing quite as beautiful as these neon screen prints:


It’s a new Pentagram project Overlooked, run by Marina Miller.

I also bumped into the graphic designer Maxwell Harrison, who has a personal interest in these great expressos of craftsmanship. Here you can see his shop, which is a selection of examples of what can be done with them.


However, since a don’t want to follow the steps of many before me, I think I’ll stick to the bollards for now. They’re much more boring, and so it seems that not many have been bothered enough to make them into works of art yet. Until now!



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