“One angle only street photography…”

Today I’ve managed to go and do the (rather weird) new CIP project. I sat on the outside bench of a cafe with my mocha, and started snapping and “noticing”. It was right behind the Homerton Hospital, in a very busy place.

I felt a bit uncomfortable, as there were people everywhere, and I didn’t want them to notice that they are in my viewfinder. I’ve always loved to do people street photography, but I couldn’t help feeling like I’m intruding, so I never did… Also, I was on my own, as at the moment I just don’t have enough time to travel anywhere to meet up with others, and so I didn’t arrange anything, and kept it very local. Luckily I didn’t get into any trouble, but maybe next time I’ll stick to a duck pond.

I was strictly facing one way, and all the photos were taken from the same spot. I saw a few interesting things, such as a bird taking off, a blue glove on the floor in front of me (which wasn’t there when I sat down), and heaps of humans. I didn’t feel completely ok about uploading the strangers, but then did some research on street photography and found out that it is completely fine. Apparently when we are in public, we have no privacy. As long as the images are decent and not manipulated.

Here are the best photos (you can see the opposites in these “[]” brackets):

It's blurred, but it's there! A bird taking off…
It’s blurred, but it’s there! A magpie (I think) taking off…[Still/moving]
I always wondered what is the thing sticking out at the top of the lamp… anyone knows?
I always wondered what is the thing sticking out at the top of the lamp… anyone knows? [Light/dark]
Pretty money plant.
Pretty board & money plant. [Dead/alive]
Passing by.
A millisecond snap. [Fast/slow]
Double lamp.
Double lamp. [Round/straight]
A strange wooden fence piece.
A strange wooden fence piece. [Old/new]
Deep in thought.
Deep in thought. Love the green rucksack. [Still/moving]
Bypassers. Love the red rucksack too! [Female/male]
Well, this was it. I hope I will work something out from what I have.

Cecilie, you’re testing my limits!


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