“A grid workshop with Kim Vousden”

On Tuesday we had a class with Kim, whom I already met during my letterpress session. She is wonderful person, really friendly and helpful. However, the workshop timing wasn’t that great, as most people have plenty to do at the moment, with grid not being a burning issue.

We did an exercise, and then I had to run off to do my one-to-one tutor tutorial (which was very helpful thank to Will from Nous Vous). After coming back, I’ve experimented a little with different grid layouts, but wasn’t too excited about it as I just have so much on my mind now.

A LOT of cutting and gluing.
A LOT of cutting and gluing.
Experimentation with grids.
Experimentation with grids.

However, after coming back, Kim responded to our feedback and moved on from the grids. She personally attended everyone and helped them in whatever way they needed in their current projects, focusing on typography. In my case it was creation of my logo/signature. We’ve discussed my visions and ideas, and kicked me off to starting the self-identity for my CIP brief.

In general, Kim was a great support and it’d be lovely to have her around more often.


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