Back to basics three times (street photography on and on!)”

When I first read the “Shadows” project, I was pretty sure that it will go well for me, as I love photography, and certainly don’t mind shooting in the street. However, I had a big challenge coming my way. At the end, I’ve spend about 3-4 hours in the street, photographing people (mainly). My first (very local) trip out can be seen here, however, the  images I got didn’t spark any ideas in me, and so I decided to go back out and keep shooting until something inspires me.

Another local trip to a busier area of Hackney Central, and I was back to the beginning. Most of the images (this time taking direct shots of people were blurred or unusable in some way). Just like the first time, the whole time I was worried that someone will come to to me and say something, but nobody did. I guess people really don’t mind. This was the time I found out that shooting from a side street works quite well (rather than directly into people’s faces…). I was focusing mainly on people’s shoes, but most were not sharp enough due to a fast moving pace.



The next trip was to Stratford, this time I was determined to gather enough sharp images to work with. After spending some time shooting on the pedestrian bridge leading from Westfield to the old shopping centre I was told by a Westfield security that I need to go and get a press pass. I’ve decided to change location. This time I found a spot that enabled me to photograph people (yes, still this time!) with my telephoto lens from far away while they were waiting for the green man on a crossing. I felt a bit intrusive, but again, nobody seemed to mind. After all, I was only photographing the crowd.

The bridge.
The bridge.
Waiting for the green light.
Waiting for the green light.

In the next post you will be able to see the final images.


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