“The ‘Shadows’ project accomplished!

After a number of hours of taking hundreds (see here) of photos I’ve finally got to the final outcomes.

I’ve decided to focus on people (literally—with a telephoto lens), specifically on picking one person only out of a crowd. The idea was to with a pattern, something I’ve noticed most photos included.

On the following screen shots you can see some of the experimentation with the pattern of the clothes—however, I decided to move on to another idea of creating the pattern out of the person’s background (the greyscale area). To do that, I’ve experimented with different techniques and filters such as mosaic, tiles, patchwork, and stained glass. At the end, I’ve found a setting in tiles that best suited the images.

Separating the focal part of the image.
Creating a pattern out of the one already present in her clothes.
Grey scaling the background.

Eventually, I’ve worked myself to these finals, which (after many frustrating unsuccessful trials) have then been printed on to a lovely textured acrylic paper.





This project has taught me to be more brave when photographing strangers, and has also intrigued me to do more street snapshots, although I still find it too intruding and rude to come as close to them as some photographers do. I’ll definitely stick to my zoom lens for now.

It has also taught me to never give up—after all, it did take me quite a long time to get to the final outcomes. I find them successful, especially in the printed form.





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