“CIP—visual research for street photography”

When I received the “Shadows” brief, I was already working on the final brief for the Local Universe studio, and so I already had a couple of books borrowed from the library:



Did Cecilie see this too?
Did Cecilie see this too?
Shoes photography.
Shoes photography.
A brave photographer!
A brave photographer!

These, and many other photographs gave me an inspiration for my shoots, although the one with the shoes came to me before reading the books. The main influence of these books has been the observation of “brave” photographers’ work, of how they just get right into come one’s face and shoot (examples such as Matt Stuart, Nick Turpin, or Martin Parr). I also learnt that a street photograph doesn’t have to be perfect. There can be people half-cut out of it, blurred objects, or a less-than-perfect light conditions.

Certainly, this brief has been an interesting experience—all the way through from doing the research to putting it to practice in the street, and editing the files before printing them out.


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