“At last—the final bollard outcomes!”

During the process of developing my project I’ve tried mixed media technique, screen printing, and Gelli plate printing, but none of these have ended up to be the part of the final outcome.

At the end, I decided to spray paint each bollard in gold to glamorise it, and collage it on to the final piece (instead of spray painting it directly and possibly ruining the original image).

I feel that the final pieces demonstrate the context of bringing light on to the overlooked bollards well. They also show the opposites of the Brick Lane (or any other street), where the street furniture is resting in stillness, while the “living aspects of the street” change around each second.

I’ll post them as soon as I get them back.

Update: The finals were nice, but it seems like they have been put into my portfolio case a bit too early (since I did them in the last minute—night before), and the spray paint got all squashed-up and damaged. I only realised when taking them back out of the case in front of the tutors for my final hand-in. Oooops.




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