“The Stylus agency” with Emily Penny

Having done some visual in Selfriges in the morning, we headed out to this innovative agency. We didn’t quite understand what was happening yet, personally I thought that there were going to be some lovely food displays and tips on how to style them—don’t ask me why. I couldn’t be more wrong.



“Selfridges” Santa disaster (and a few smoothies)

Today we paid a visit to Selfridges, the well-known shopping centre in Oxford Street. I was welcomed from the street by terrible window installations—Santa in each one. I am not a big fan of Christmas, and I think this has made it even worse.


“The Bui Smoothies” presentation

This afternoon, we had the three startups I meantioned earlier coming in a talking about their ideas. I’ve already chosen the smoothie company, but the other two (an amazingly aromatic healthy cosmetics line, and a super-yummee American-style sweet pies) were also great. In this post, however, I will concentrate on the startup I chose.