“Silvia Liano”

Silvia Liano is one of my fellow classmates in the third year of the Graphic Design BA at The Cass. Her work is innovative, full of colour, and generally minimalist and simple. I caught up with her one morning to ask her some questions about her practice.

She is a keen photographer.
Silvia loves photography.
1.Why did you decide to study the Grahic Design BA course at The Cass?
I was a “science girl” at school, but I decided that I wanted to do something different, since the degree determines your kind of work for the rest of your life, so it’s better to do something you love. I have always had photography, drawing and adobe photoshop as a hobby, so I decided to do the foundation year for graphics, media and fine art at London Met. We touched several areas during the course, but the one I felt attached to the most was typography and photography. So when the course finished, with the help of my teachers, I decided to study graphic design and continue it at The Cass since I really enjoyed its environment during first year.

2. Tell me about your favourite project so far.
My favourite project so far has to be “Look mum no hands!”. The purpose was to explore this small cafe and shop in order to create something that showed one of their brand touch points. The part I enjoyed the most was the research, not the final outcome, since I got to sit down, have a coffee and draw every single detail around me. Of course, I also got to talk to people working there—they had a big appreciation for their own brand.

3. How does your personality reflect in your work?
I’m a really opened and happy person, therefore I love to use colour in my work, but still keeping everything simple. I used to overthink and complicate my work during the first year and this made me frustrated with myself and my work, but I’ve learnt that simplicity  works better sometimes.
When it comes to photography, I am the complete opposite. I love to show melancholy and sadness more than my bubbly and happy side.

4. Which are your favourite processes and techniques?
I love to do everything by hand, even if most or my outcomes are digital. Screen printing, letterpress, and even drawing and note taking when doing my sketchbook fascinate me. When keeping everything digital it’s like my brain restricts my creativity, but when doing and exploring everything by hand, I know I can get crazy and make mistakes that may end up in a really good outcome.

5. What are your plans after the graduation?
To be honest, thinking about what I would do after graduation scares me. I hope that during this last year I will decide what I wanna do and build my confidence up. However, right now I don’t feel ready to get out there into the “working world”. If after the graduation I still feel this way, I would probably carry on with my studies and do a master in web design or marketing.
The only thing I’m sure about is that I’d love to work for a big company. Freelancing is not something I think about, it doesn’t fit my personality and the way I work. I love collaboration, working in groups, and sharing ideas with others.


To see more of Silvia’s work follow this link: https://silvialiano.wordpress.com



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