“Product packaging typography research” with Emily Penny

In our first class with Emily we were given the general timetable for this term, and explained what are we to expect and when. We were also given our first brief—helping with the branding one of the three small startups by ex-graduated from London Met.

Working on the task.
Working on a task.

The choices were: a baobab fruit smoothie maker’s startup, a traditional american sweet pies baker’s startup with a social twist, and a super-healthy and environment conscious cosmetics maker’s startup. I immediately went for the smoothie. I am already interested in healthy eating/drinking, and even have a big pot of baobab powder in my cupboard, which is one of many super foods I add to my home-made smoothies. I am also eager to learn more about this nutritious fruit, traditionally used in parts of Africa.

After discussing the brief for a while, we moved on to the next task—product research. Emily gave a short lecture about the product packaging design, and then had to find a partner and interview each other about our chosen subject. After sitting down and talking with Adam for a few minutes we realised that we were both into smoothies, and so we interviewed each other, and using InDesign,  we both each created an A3 sheet that was required of us.


We were also supposed to create s sheet with twelve examples of our chosen products’ typography. I finished this task at home, and will have it ready for the next class.

The finished typography analysis.



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