“The brand manifesto” by Emily Penny

The images for this post are not great, as I forgot my camera at home, and had to use my phone. I found that they worked slightly better in greyscale).

This was another great lecture by Emily, focusing on creating an effective brand manifesto. We learnt about identifying the target audience, our niche market, and a way to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the businesses in this niche. We also looked at the 2×2 Matrix Method for working out the place of our product/service in relation to other ones (see the feature image), and the impotance of creating a set of values for the business we are representing.

Identifying a niche market.
Identifying the customers.
Identifying the niche market.
Identifying the niche market.

After that, we were given examples of case studies to see how to put these aspects into practice. We looked at Yoosli, Busy B, Culinary Anthropologist, Look mum no hands, Toms, Red, AirBNB, Ted Talks, and O2.


This is the manifesto I came up with:


Regarding the ‘2×2 Matrix’ researching the position of competing brands in different areas, here is my take:


I found both exercises quite helpful.


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