“Naming a brand” by Emily Penny

At the beginning of yesterday we had one-to-one tutorials with Emily, going through all the tasks we were being given so far. I’ve found out that there are few that I need to fix up, and I’ll be working on it this weekend.

In the afternoon we had a great lecture about naming a brand, in which we also learnt a number of main points about the right attitude of brands towards their customers: having a human feel as opposed to being “robotic”, keeping the message simple, being genuinely interested in the customers as opposed to constantly persuading them into buying, using understandable vocabulary, being honest, and embracing personality.

Emily talking about the brands' attitude.
Emily talking about the brands’ attitude.

Brand’s name is a big part of communicating the creative/emotional message, and therefore needs to be chosen carefully. There are four main types of brand names: descriptive, symbolic, evocative, and abstract. Symbolic (based on a real object symbolizing the product) and evocative (evoking an emotion/sensation of the product) are the most commonly used.


Our task for this lesson was to come up with three alternative names for our chosen startup. We started by brainstorming as a group, which led a number of words/names. We then each chose our three favourite ones, and had to come up with a motto/line to go with it. Here are mine: BAO BAO (“The baobab attitude”), BUI MAMA (“Mama knows best”), and FLY (“Get a lift up”).

Naming our startup.
Naming our startup.

It was a useful lecture, and helped me to memorize the process which I have recently gone through in order to create my own business name. My real name has a pretty confusing spelling, and so I felt that I have to come up a business one instead. Last May I came up with Teal & Dot, which seemed to have been taken over the summer (I haven’t bought the domain as I wasn’t ready to make a website), and so I have changed it to a name that I like even better. I’m still not buying the domain, but hopefully soon I’ll be ready to go ahead with my website. I feel that I need to create more quality work first…


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