“The Stylus agency” with Emily Penny

Having done some visual in Selfriges in the morning, we headed out to this innovative agency. We didn’t quite understand what was happening yet, personally I thought that there were going to be some lovely food displays and tips on how to style them—don’t ask me why. I couldn’t be more wrong.

At the reception inside the building we were all given name tags (mine said Katatina, which was quite cute), and we headed up to the 11th floor. A lovely lady whose name I didn’t catch gave a great presentation about the way that the (mainly) food industry is changing from the large corporation model towards the small, self-sustainable, and natural way of living. Business owners and consumers are increasingly caring about their health, as well as the environmental imprint their lifestyle has on the planet.

The speaker.
The speaker.

Many companies are challenging the status quo, and finding ways to bring positive change to the planet/humanity. Some focus on the enviroment, while others tackle social issues.

Everyone got two bottles of water—how thoughful.
Everyone got two bottles of water—how thoughful.

The vegan and halal market have been growing at a great rate. More and more people are realizing that they, too, can make a difference, starting from themselves. It is “in” to “give back”, and this way of setting up the business works both ways—as most people will choose a product that does “give back” in some way, providing that the quality is comparable to the competition which does not.

One of the slides.
One of the slides.

It was a very interesting talk. I will try to remember it when creating my business plan/strategy, or when working with other companies.


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