“Branding in context”

This was a task which required us to look at different ways of applying our ideas. We had to design three applications, such as business cards, banners, website mockups, packaging, etc.

I’ve decided to start with the packaging of the smoothie, as it was the most relevant in my opinion. After doing the initial smoothie packaging research I’ve noticed that most high-end companies use a transparent label with either white or black print of text/illustrations. I really like this style, as it is usually minimal, and it shows the naturally wonderful colours of the smoothies.

One of the books I’m reading at the moment (A Book About Innocent) also helped me at defining what to actually put on the packaging. Here is the scan of their packaging development:


Here is the one of the screen shots of my work in progress:


The final mockup design can be seen in the feature image at the top.

Following the crit feedback, I still need to simplify the text on the back, and streghten the lines of the woman’s illustration.

Next, I’ve moved on to the business cards. I’ve used the same principle on all of them, trying to put across the mouth-watering aspect of the smoothies. However, later on during the crit I was advised to keep it simpler and drop the photo background altogether, as the woman’s illustration and the logotype is already strong enough. I’ll probably just replace the photos with some (related and probably made-by-me) texture.

Here are the initial examples:






Lastly, I’ve decided to create a ‘tasting spot’ banner. It would be around the size of a woman, explaining in short what the product is about. Here is the outcome:


I quite enjoyed these tasks, and they have improved my InDesign skills. The studio work is also starting to feel ‘practical’.




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