“Mood board nightmare-turned-to-fun”

A mood/concept board is a selection of images and text which help us to identify the ‘general feeling’ of the brand in a very straight forward way. It normally contains images expressing the mood of the brand, colours, textures, fonts, illustrations, etc. It a way to connect the dots, to visually pull all the different elements together.

For me, this project was a bit of a slow-start, even though I was initially really looking forward to it. The fact that we had to add images of the affinity brands, as well as target customers and a few other aspects has given me a feeling a limitation, and I really struggled with the layout at first. This was it:

A had a terrible start.
A had a terrible start.


Eventually, after some feeback and research, I have come up with a much better version, which can be seen at the top of this post (in the featured image).

At that point, I was enjoying it. I have created a layout that worked for me, and started getting faster and more confident in InDesign.

Eventually, I got to the final version, which I like, and for which I have received positive feedback:


This was a very useful task for me, I’ve learnt quite a lot through research and trial/error.


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