“Case studies of successful brands”

In this class Ricardo has directed our attention to how brands present themselves through the imagery. We looked for photography, layouts, texture, composition, colour, and other aspects of images in the output of a few companies that we chose. We worked in groups, divided by the briefs that we working on.

My group has decided to do three drink companies studies, and one that was unrelated to our brief—which ended up being an Olympus Pen Lite (a camera which I use these days).


We have done most of the research on the internet, although we have also (unsuccessfully) looked at the journals.

Here are the outcomes:

'My' drinks company choice—Innocent Smoothies.
‘My’ drinks company choice—Innocent Smoothies. Full of great ideas, humour, and kindness; their whole approach is based around doing good—to ourselves and others.
More of a group work, with my favourite camera as the object of attention.
More of a group work, with my favourite camera as the object of attention. Pen Lite is targeted at young, successful, and creative girls and women. I can totally relate to this approach, as the size and weight of this camera, while keeping the versatility at the same time, is very convenient. It is the reason why I bought it. Full of props, beautiful photography and gentleness, this compaign is giving out a very clear message.

At the end, we’ve shared the things that we’ve learnt, and discussed the steps we need to take in order to create quality work at a professional level.


It was a useful lesson which pointed me in the right direction with my Bui Mama project.


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