“Generating FMP topics”

In today’s afternoon class, we’ve looked at the New Blood briefs for the Design Competition module, and brainstormed some ideas to get us started. It was very helpful, and made the briefs more easy to understand.

After that, we’ve completed an exercise which would help us to identify our topic for the Final Major Project. Many of us already know what will they cover, however, some of us are still trying to work out a suitable project. I belong to the latter group, although after today, I think I have an idea that might be the one.

The exercise had a few steps. At the end of it, we managed to get a list of social issues, and a list of possible target audience. We have also accidentally created a list with possible topics, using the information we have generated so far. All the lists have been written by Adam.

Target audience.
Target audience.
Social issues.
Social issues.
Possible topics.
Possible topics.

After looking at different ideas, we each spoke to Emily about our possible topic. My idea was to brand a visual artist, a fellow student for example. Emily explained that I might be missing content, and suggested a few ideas which in turn gave me a few of my own. I’ve realized that the thing that most attracts me about the topic is the self-marketing of visual artists, and their finding way to make their living out of their craft/art/design. I’m going to look into creating an imaginary charity organizing free events/courses to help these creatives do that. Or I may create a business organizing seminars and courses doing that. I will do more research and speak to Emily to see if it could work.



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