‘Will Hudson from It’s Nice That—Making a Living’

Will Hudson, a co-founder of the well-known designer talent compilation website It’s Nice That has started establishing himself in his early days by doing self-initiated projects.

The If you could project was the first major one, and it started by Will and his friend sending an email with a brief to everyone relevant that they knew. They got many responses, made a zine out of them, and decided to print out a thousand copies of it. On a limited budget they managed to put up an exhibition in exchange for services.


In 2007, they decided to start a blog showcasting people’s work (It’s Nice That). Around the same time, Will has landed his first designer job, where he worked with people such as the Oliver Spencer fashion label.


Continually working on the blog (which was now getting printed out), as well as other self-initiated projects, he has eventually found a way to work with brands such as Nike, where he created a set of great GIFs for them, among other inspirational collaborations.

Words of motivation.
Words of inspiration.
Words of inspiration.

Today he is in the process of setting up the Lecture in Progress, an organization where the education will meet the industry. The membership for students is free, and seems worth looking into!


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