‘Alec Dudson from Intern Magazine—Making a Living’

Alec Hudson is an interesting character.

Having finished an MA in sociology, he found himself working in a bar, not quite sure about what career he wanted to pursue in his life.


Then one day, in the same bar, he saw a Boat magazine (below), which made him realize that he would like to start one. He thought about what it could be about, and due to his current career stage, he decided to call it Intern (the name reveals the content).


In 2011, after landing a few long-term intern positions, he realized that since they were not paying him, he had to start his own venture. Back then there was only a quarter of independent magazines of what it is today. It was a good time to start one.

His idea hasn’t always been popular.





My favourite slide.
Do I want it? 15 years ago—possibly.

Today, Intern is an established magazine, having worked with a number of brands and artists. It is a living proof that perseverance and self-belief are important keys to success.

Even though I haven’t read a copy myself, I reckon it must be a useful took to someone looking for an intern.

However, in my opinion, £10 per copy is rather expensive for someone in that career situation.

Personally, I passed.


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