‘Bui smoothies banner’

One of the real life applications for the smoothies brand Bui was a banner.

Starting with choosing a size (around the size of a woman of an average height), I’ve first created a banner with a photographic background.


However, during the presentation & feedback session I was advised to remove the background and leave it plain, perhaps with some splashes of a colour (or a smoothie). I liked the idea of smoothie splashes, and went ahead with it.

Original image of smoothie drips

Below you can see the edited images.

Here is the outcome, which is to be changed further still due to more feedback. I need to create more illustrations, and perhaps give them more ‘energy’. I need to have a main image that is other than the logo, so that I can go ahead creating a number of different posters. I was also told that the smoothie drips’ development needs to be worked on. I will update it here once I’m finished with it.



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