‘Resume crit & advice’

The intent of this class with Sara was to point us in the right direction with our resumes.

I’ve been working on mine for quite some time, getting more and more into grips with InDesign along the way.

My first version was supposed to have an illustration of myself, and it was supposed to be lying on the table with some props around it, achieving the usual ‘branding’ look that you can find everywhere you look at the moment:

I’ve gone through A LOT of adjusting, such as removing and re-adding the personal detail and social media icons (Sara advised us not to have them, but then the CV advisor at the Student Hub said it makes things easier to understand, and I agree with her so they’re back in), adding way more information about my education and work experience, re-arranging things, taking the illustration space off, and redesigning the layout a number of times.

I am quite pleased with what I ended up with, here it is (some of the personal information is blanked-out on purpose):


I may well have to change a few more things in future, but in general I want to focus on starting approaching agencies and find an intern. There must be a place for me somewhere out there…


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