‘Bui Smoothies presentation’

The day has come. Our projects were (hopefully) ready for the client presentation, and I was the very first one to go.

I was pretty satisfied with my final outcome (until I heard the feedback), but still fairly nervous about presenting it. I rehearsed the general outline that I prepared in my head while the clients were arriving, standing in front of the class to get used to the ‘hot spot’.


The actual performance went okeeeey, sort of. Probably sounded more tense than intended, but with practice I’ll get there. Here are some pictures of myself and other presenters, unfortunately I could only see the first out of three kinds of projects.

The winner.
The winner.




I’ve also managed to take some shots of the smoothie bottles before they were given to the client.

Just like each presentation, it was a learning experience, helping us to improve each time we do it.

A week later I was given the feedback about my work—apparently I needed to add to the illustrations, creating more energy. There were also typography issues with the front of my packaging which need to improved.

I am starting to work on it now, and will write a post when it’s finished.


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