‘Hatch cafe research’

As part of this research I’ve visited a few cafes, but this one stood out for me. It’s located right next to my home, and I often visit there with my sister.

The name of the cafe is Hatch, and it is a very popular destination. It’s decorated in a vintage style, rather run-down in fact.

It is also a destination for movie makers, and often gets closed because there is filming going on. Upstairs they have a very simple hair ‘saloon’ called Whip, which is fairly new and I haven’t tried it yet.

They also provide desk space for around £20 a day, plus free tea or coffee all day.

Here are the shots that I took during my visit. The first row shows the photos taken before making my order. All the rest of them have been taken after taking my order.

As you can see, the feel of the place is very unassuming and cheaply put together.

The place has a nice atmosphere, and seem to attract quite a substantial crowd.

For me, it will remain ‘my run-down local’.



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