‘Illustrating a social cause—Molly Crabapple’

I came across this NY writer and illustrator last year, when researching new inspiring artists. Her videos have had great impact on me at the time, as they address serious social issues in a very powerful way. Most of these videos focus on injustice towards minorities in the United States.

Here is an example of an issue related to the US immigrants:

Molly also illustrates war zones in Syria, referencing mobile photos by an anonymous source that she collaborates with.



Here is an image addressing forced prostitution:


She also creates reportage illustrations, covering different countries:



Molly is also an astiblished writer, working with publications such as New York Times, Vice, CNN, and Guardian, to mention a few.

She also released a number of books, here is the latest one—her autobiography and thoughts about life:


Molly is a very talented and inspiring artist, and I will return to her work from time to time to see how she is evolving.



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