‘Finding my cause—got it!’

A few seconds before publishing the last post I already knew that I won’t be going further with any of the ideas, and especially not the ‘chosen’ one. The only board that I actually like is chess, and seeing the photos of ‘board gamers’ makes me want to run.

Therefore, I decided to think about my ‘dream cafe’ some more, and very soon I had another idea.


The ‘Yoga cafe’!

Yoga is one of the things I try to do every day, and I’m even in the process of acquiring the teaching certificate, so now it totally makes sense.

So, let’s get to the details of this great sanctuary:

This amazing cafe is dedicated to educating people about the benefits of yoga. 20% of all profits go towards making the classes free in order to reach more people.


The decor is comfy, with tasteful colours, Indian/bohemian feel, soft music, and essential oils fragrance. The food and drinks served are, of course, organic and super-healthy. Vegetarian, no refined sugar, and whole grain. The decorations on the walls have yoga posture illustrations and some vintage photos perhaps. There are candles, and plenty of plants. And, without a doubt, a large library of yoga and yoga related books.


At the back you can find a studio with mats and towels. This is where all the classes are taught.  You can choose from different types of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. There is a booking system in place, and ‘first come, first serve’ basis for the empty spaces.


Each afternoon at 5pm, there is also a free screening of a documentary or people practising yoga, for education and inspiration.

You can also find a notice board with all matters related to yoga.

Well, I’d definitely be spending a lot of time in this place, hope somebody will open one near my home soon!


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