‘Kath Tudball—HotHouse Talk’

Two days ago Katherina Tudball came to do a lunch break talk at the university. I found it very inspiring, as she is working within the sector that I’m most interested in at the moment. She is person who managed to accomplish quite a lot in her career so far—working for and with some big names within the design industry.

Her first big inspiration has been the book “A smile in the mind’, which is also on my pile of books.

Having graduated about 15 years ago, she has found herself slightly intimidated by the ‘real world’, and so decided to apply for jobs as a ‘duo’—together with her classmate Julia Woolams (with whom she used to collaborate during her university years).

After finding out who was winning awards at the time they came across Michael Johnson, and spoke to him about job opportunities. They got an intern position in the Johnson Banks agency soon after, and lasted there for 14 years.

Kath started by doing posters and other traditional graphic design, but later moved on to doing big campaigns with companies such as Science Museum, Mr Cooper, Cystic Fibrosis charity, and the branding of the book ‘Branding in five and a half steps’, which I had my eyes on for some time now (however, I decided to make my way through my pile of other books before buying any more of them).





After leaving Johnson Banks she started working for The Partners (the creators of “A smile in the mind’), attracted to them by briefs such as National Gallery, Task (an African wildlife and tribal people’s protection charity), and Argos. After joining, she became part of projects for Thameslink and LDN SW6 London winery, among others. She spoke in detail about all of these briefs, which was very helpful for those of us just starting out.




The main point that I will try to remember is that ‘each brief gives us an opportunity to create something that makes people smile, or look twice’. In this digital age, being bombarded by the same kind of constant boring material, adverts that stand out are the ones that bring most success to its brand.

Her executions of the briefs do, in fact, stand out, as each one is intelligent, memorable, or witty.

Recently, she has also been working with the A&AD. Most students are only aware of their ‘New Blood’ Competitions. however, they do many other things, mainly trying to solve the inequalities in the industry.

My favourite quote from the talk was ‘Find out what you love doing and do it’.

Exactly my thinking.




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