‘Yoga cafe development’

Out of the three choices that I researched, I’ve decided to go with the ‘yoga cafe’.

I’ve set up the main mission of this cafe, which is bringing free education about the benefits of yoga to those who are ready for it.

All of the profits would go towards financing the free yoga, meditation and mindfulness classes, maintaining the library filled with yoga related books, free screenings showing documentaries and correct practice, and providing a friendly cosy place for people to meet or just relax.

Each day there would be a new (large) inspiring quote on a wall, and a hand out with a new pose explained in detail. All levels would be welcome, and poses would be explained with alternations for both beginners and advanced, including the actual health benefits of each (which is often overlooked in yoga classes).

It would also serve delicious and nutritious food and drinks.

The interior would be cosy, with natural materials (wood, silk, cotton, stones, beads), with accessories such as candles, incent sticks, yogi symbols, vintage photographs of yogis on the walls, colourful cushions, and plenty of books.

When it came to naming, I’ve mostly focused on ‘evocative’ names, mainly symbolizing yoga expressions and words.

Examples include: Pause, Pose, Chi, Chi stop, Chai, Nadi, Satya, Bindu, Yama, Jhana, Namaste, and Namas Tea (Clelia’s great idea!).

I also had a few ‘symbolic’ names: Lotus, Soul, Pose.

At the end I chose Yama Yama (repetition symbolizes elevation through chanting, as well as the importance of repetition of the poses), but Namas Tea is the first alternative. I will probably wait for the feedback and take it from there.

Yama Yama comes from ‘yama’, which is the word symbolizing the five yogic principles, and Namas Tea comes from Namaste, meaning ‘I salute you with respect’. It was Clelia’s idea and I really love the play of words.

Next, I worked on the ‘value words’, and finalized the top five: elevation, connection, peace, power, and clarity.


From those, there was a number of taglines: ‘Where peace begins’, ‘Elevation’, ‘Connecting through yoga’, ‘Yoga power’, ‘The path of elevation’, ‘Learn, practice, elevate’, ‘Strength, flexibility, peace’, ‘Elevation cafe’, ‘Ready for elevation?’, ‘Get connected’, ‘Empty pockets, empty mind’, ‘Empty pockets, joyful heart’, ‘Empty pockets, peaceful heart’.

My favourite is ‘Elevation cafe’.

All of the above are work in progress and are likely to be changed due to feedback and development.



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