‘Final Major Project (FMP)—research’

Today I have finally came around to starting doing the research for my project, which so far seems to be settled on the topic of ‘Illustration Festival’. However, I’m considering adding ‘print’ to the name (Illustration & Print Festival), and incorporating simple printing techniques into the workshops schedule.

There are a few issues that I’m not sure about, such as—does it matter that there is already the London Illustration Fair doing a very similar thing? Also, does it have to be indoors like most of these types of events, or is there a way around bad weather (and ruined prints with ink dripping down, etc.)?

The general idea at the moment goes like this:

‘Illustration & Print Festival’ is a London-based weekend festival created around the topic of illustration and print, as the name suggests…

As opposed to the illustration fairs, where the main focus is on displaying and selling art, with very few workshops, here the focus would be the other way around. The goal would be to get people involved in the creative process, with each one hopefully leaving for home with one or more pieces of their very own art. It would be targeted at beginners and advanced people alike, with everyone having plenty of workshops to choose from, according to their abilities. All the workshops would be based on the traditional approach, ranging from simple drawing to different media such as watercolour, acrylics, pastels, charcoal, markers, drawing ink, collage, or mixed media. Printing techniques would include rubber stamp carving, linocut, letterpress and screen printing among others.

The events would be based indoors (in a large warehouse space), with a huge garden offering food, drinks and playing live music.

I have looked into the competition out there, and these are are main competitors:













Here are more competitors, although not as relevant as the first four above:








2 thoughts on “‘Final Major Project (FMP)—research’

  1. You need to think of some creative names to make it different and interesting. Like ‘Pick Me Up’ or ‘The Big Draw’, use words creatively. Focusing on one thing, e.g. illustration, will make branding and messaging stronger I would think. Or is there another way of describing it, e.g. image making?


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