‘HotHouse Intern Day 1—the longest task ever’

On the first day we were given two briefs. I was chosen to work on the first one—creating a booklet to attract the next year’s student candidates. It was going to have the photographs of all the staff in Visual Communications department, and a bit of text (still to be decided upon).

Me and John got the roles of the photographers—we were meant to (photo) shoot all the tutors and technicians. We also decided that the text included would be a short quote from each member of staff, stating why they love their speciality/job.

As the staff were in at different days and times, we had to organize everybody’s shots. Since the deadline was in only two weeks, it was all pretty urgent. We tried to get everybody photographed as soon as possible in order to get the booklet finished in time, which meant it had to be done during our lunch break time.

I did most of the scheduling through the emails.

The first day (Friday) we got Suzanna, Alistair, Sara, Angharad, Ricardo, Kim, and Emily E. schedules for 10-minute slots.

Having dealt with a smaller complication of faulty plugs, we eventually set up the studio and were ready to shoot. Framing the shots with the booklet in mind, we both photographed at them at the same time, trying to get as many takes as possible in the short period of time.

Over the next few sessions we managed to photograph Emily P., Damien (who did not want to be photographed, and found a quick ingenious solution of holding a screen in front of his face), Michelle, Heather, and Tara (last three covered in the next post).

It was interesting seeing the personalities of some of some of the tutors transforming, some really enjoying being in the spot light(s!), while others feeling rather insecure and shy. However, they all ended up looking really great.

It took me quite some time to collect all the quotes from the tutors, but at the end we got them all.

All in all, this was the longest brief/task so far, as it took quite a lot of my free time—preparing and doing the shots, emailing tutors, organizing, and photo editing. I enjoyed the experience though, and was looking forward to the next task.




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