‘Letterpress for Yama Yama’

Now that I had the name of the yoga cafe, it was time to create a signage.

Conveniently, we had lovely Kim to guide us through a day-long workshop focusing on exactly that.

Kim explaining how to use the metal type.

I started by choosing the right typeface—I forgot the name, but I have it written on the sheets that I created that day, which are still to be picked up.

Next came the experimentation. Arranging and rearranging, using different directions and layouts.

Eventually, loving the suggestion of my passing-by tutor Emily, I decided to go with a vertical mirror-like layout. It looked great, and offered a lot of possibilities with the geometric shapes that were created between the letters. After a lot of colour mixing and applications, I had a number of pieces that I was happy with. Next came the metal type and my tagline—’Where peace begins’. Can’t wait to get my dried up sheets!

Kim also showed us (and later emailed us) the fastest ways of cleaning up the scans in the Photoshop.

Random poster.
And another.


And another.
How cute!

What a great, productive day.


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