‘Tweaking the cafe concept’

Following the feedback of the class I’ve decided to let go of the ‘asana’ (physical) side of yoga, and instead focus solely on its powerful philosophy—often overlooked in the Western world.

In the traditional philosophy yoga consist of eight limbs. The very first one—Yama—is the moral restraint that controls not only our actions, but also our speech and thoughts. Its five basic principles are:

  • Ahimsa (non-harming)
  • Satya (truthfulness)
  • Asteya (non-stealing)
  • Branhmacharya (moderating the senses)
  • Aparigraha (non-possessiveness)

There are six more limbs of yoga, which serve as purifiers of our minds, and our lives. It is only the limb number three that is concerned with the body exercise/asanas, which is what the Western world focuses on almost primarily. This limb serves solely as a preparation for long hours of meditation, which, in turn, leads to enlightenment. However, in the West people disregard the other limbs, missing out an opportunity to lead a better, more peaceful life.

There are plenty of asana classes to be found, which is why Yama Yama will focus on the other seven limbs—still unexplored by the Westerners. Instead of the usual yoga practice, there will be mindfulness and meditation classes, directly in the cafe. There will be a daily quote on the wall, related to one of the principles, or simply to inner peace. The emphasis will be on the inner, rather than the outer. In short, it will be about following the yoga lifestyle in every moment (off the mat too!).

This concept is also better represented by the name of the cafe—Yama Yama.

Because of this change, I’ve decided to revisit the ‘values’ of the brand again. After re-reading and re-considering the chosen five values—peace, clarity, power, connection, and elevation, I’ve realized that they still suit the cafe perfectly, and that they only needed changing the order.

Next, I needed to re-visit the values statement and make some changes:

Regarding the graphic elements of the cafe, I like the suggestion somebody made (Emily?) that I could do a set of five posters, each in different colour, and each representing and explaining one principle. Therefore, there could be the posters, the daily quote on a wall, the menu, the information sheet for the classes, and the website pages perhaps.

The new tagline would change from ‘Elevation cafe’ to ‘Where peace begins’.



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