‘HotHouse Intern Day 2′

Before and during this intern session John and I have photographed Michelle, Tara (although I don’t have these, as I’ve realized at the end of the shot that my SIM card was missing—luckily, John had his files…), and Heather, then spent the rest of the hours with the team, chosing and editing the photographs.



We have also discussed and made decisions regarding the illustrations that were to be used behind the tutors’ photos on the brochure. At the end, Maria has drawn them digitally, and made them into patterns.

We have also looked at preparing the illustrations for the background that was to be created behind the tutors’ photos. I had a go at drawing a squeegee in my sketchbook:

However, at the end Maria, a top illustrator, sketched some directly into her computer, and made a pattern out of them. These may or may not be used in the final booklets.

Here is the research that we collectively done for the booklet’s general feel. They focus mainly on the layout that we had in mind:

And also here, looking at the photographs of people and portraits:

And here are the tutor’s quotes that I collected over a period of a week:

Additional quotes. Damian’s one is my favourite.

Some tutor’s comments were to be edited, as they are busy people, and it was our job to extract something short and punchy. Overall they did really well.

Lastly, here are the initial guidelines that we decided for the booklet, which will be adjusted along the way:




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