“Amazon Fresh research’

In case you’re not aware, Amazon Fresh has launched their groceries home delivery service in June last year. In order to boost up their sales, they’re in for a brand refreshment.

Their brief through the D&AD asks for:

  • define an identity or persona to drive the way the brand is expressed through content
  • put this identity into action across a range of media

Firstly, I’ve researched who the competitors are. Clearly, the other online grocery delivery companies are the main ones—Ocado, Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Asda. The Amazon Fresh is slightly more expensive, as it’s only available to the Amazon Prime members, and still requires additional charges for the delivery. We could say that it is therefore aimed at people who can afford such charges—in exchange for the convenience of receiving food from local artisan and speciality shops and market stalls, which is a service that the competitors don’t provide. Amazon Fresh is also teamed up with Morrison’s in order to provide a wide selection of everyday groceries in addition to the speciality products.

Looking at the ways of how the competitors are approaching their advertising, I’ve found that the Ocado, Waitrose, and Asda opt for the emotional feeling of spending time with the family, Sainsbury’s keeps it humorous, Tesco focuses on the actual food and recipe making.

Personally, I really like the idea of using new recipes for cooking delicious meals. When I don’t have time (most of the time), I cook the usuals that I know will get eaten by my family, and which, although tasty, are not too exciting. However, here and there I see an exciting photo of a dish that just makes me gather all the ingredients and make it as soon as I can. Therefore, seeing new delicious-looking dishes is what works for me. It makes me shop. This is why I’d love to focus on this aspect of food for this brief, and develop it futher—hopefully end up with an exciting and perhaps unexpected twist that would work for the brief really well.


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